24 Apr 2011

I am Manu, 23 years from Orissa. Now my sis is 20. She is fair, 5.3", round face, a real Oriya beauty with a well shaped body. All this started years back I was only 18. We visited our uncle's house. He is newly married. My aunt is very beautiful. That time we don't know any thing about sex. We sleep in the same room with my uncle and aunty. One day during noon myself, my sis and aunty sleeping uncle entered the room and sit near aunty. I was not sleeping so I saw every thing that my uncles do with my aunty. Uncle started kissing. Then aunty wake up give a return kiss. Then she removed her sari above her blouse. 
               Uncle started pressing her boobs. Then he opened her blouse and bra. That excites me. He completely naked the boobs. Now I think the size must be 36c or d. Uncle now started pressing her naked boobs and suck them. She was making ahhhhhhh wooooooooo kacha kach pacha pach noise. Then uncle took her sari up above her knee and put his hand inside then aunty make more such sound. Then uncle removed her sari & petticoat making her completely naked. They both are not at all caring that we bro-sis are present in that room even they are not looking at us. During that time with my auntie’s noise my sis also wake up and she is also watching the play. Then uncle started fucking aunty. That time my aunty turned towards us and saw we both are watching them but she was at the peak of excitement. So she kept on looking at us and gets fucked. At the end of the show aunty told uncle we both are watching them, he told now matter they are kids they know nothing about this and left the room. 
                                       At the afternoon my sis and me are sitting near a pond. She asked me what uncle and aunty doing at noon. I told I don't know what they are doing. Then she replied but I like what they are doing. I also agree with her. Few minutes later aunty come there and join us. She gives some chocolate to us and told to make a promise to keep one thing secret. The she said not to tell any body about the incident. We both agreed with her. Then my sis asked what they are doing at that time. She relied ask your bother. I replied I don't know what u both is doing. She told then u both are really kids and u will come to know every thing when u grows up. But my sister says we want to know it now because we both like that. Aunty gives a smile and asked u both wants to do like that. We replied yes. She told us to watch them for 2 more days then she will teach us. We both are very excited. That night aunty told every thing to uncle and uncle say they will teach us every thing not to tell any body about this. Now they are very see with us and did every thing like noon. But this time uncle eats auntie’s pussy and ass. Aunty also does oral sex to him. Then uncle put his cream on her boobs. They are enjoying every moment of sex and asked us we like it or not? I ageing asked please explain this. Aunty told wait for one more day.
     Next day uncle come at the same time. We both are very happy. Same way uncle made aunty complete nude. Then he calls both of us to come near aunty. He took our hands and put it on her boobs. Aunty gets up and told him "what u r does”. Uncle smiled and replied "let them come to this world and enjoy the real sex. You also started at this age with your brother". Aunty said yes. Then we are again told to put our hands on her boobs. They are so soft I can’t explain. Then we sucked her boobs. Then open our cloth and make both of us naked. Aunty caught my rod and said how small it is I will make it big and took my rod in her mouth. Really it becomes bigger and I enjoy it. Uncle started licking my sis little pink pussy and she liked it very much. Then uncle ask me to like her pussy. I refused. Then uncle put my little finger in her hole. She cried with pain so I removed my finger. But uncle told do like this she will like it later. We both thought sex for one hour or more. Then uncle fuck aunty and left the place. I told aunty I want to suck her boobs. She smiled and put her left boobs in my mouth and asked my sis to suck her right. She again put my finger inside my sis pussy hole after spreading her legs. This time my sis feels little pain. Then he told me to take my finger in and out. I do like that and now my sis was enjoying this. Aunty told us when she was only 9 his 12 year brother teach all this to her and both enjoy sex till now. Also uncle knows about their relation and he also fucks his wife. Again she warned us not to tell any body else it will be dangerous for us.
                                                                    The next day was the real turning day in our life. We both made our first intercourse. My aunty leak my rod and uncle my sisters. Then aunty took my rod and tries to put it in my sis hole. They both tied a long time to do this. At last my rod inserted inside my sis small pink hole she was crying with pain but my aunty was forcing my body to keep my rod inside her hole. My sis cried a lot then took my rod in and out in her hole. Later she enjoyed it. I was also feeling a lot of pain so I can’t enjoy. Then I took my rod out. Uncle asked me I like it or not, I told I was feeling in pain. So aunty took my rod in her mouth again and uncle put some oil on my sis pussy. This time my rod inserted easily and after some time I started enjoying. After some time I feel I was in seventh haven. From that day I was my sister’s lover, best friend, husband and every thing. We both can never forget those moments. We remember this 1000 times or more in our life and then have sex.

18 Apr 2011


                                                          Mu Manas Goswami, from Odisha, Age 25 .5 ft.6”. Color white, slim also. My penis size seven inch. I have read number of stories from ISS which are very interesting & hot due to private. As well as It contained personal feelings So maximum time, I spend in this site. Already I have written some stories in oriya & I got some interesting responses.  Therefore I could not write a story since a few days due to my official work. As well as I have returned again due to reader’s affection & interest for my stories. As well as I am requesting to readers ,do not copy   my stories to publish in any sex blogs. Basically it is very amusement topic for me, oriya brothers & sisters are call/mail maximum time who stayed out of odisha. So I am very happy & again I am writing again. Ok. Now I am writing my story in oriya. Because a lot Oriya bhabi, aunties… (Almost house wife), adult story lover ignore regarding Hindi & English, Generally they like sex stories in regional language. Because it feel so hot. So read………
           November re mu Rourkela re mo sadhi and ladies garment ra shop kholithili.  Ajiku 10 barsa tale sete bele mote 24 barsa heyi thila. Mu dekhiba ku gora and handsome body builder bhali Mo body. Kintu mote jhiya kehi ete patu nathile mu bore thili. Tike sex prati mora bahut agraha,kintu dara thila,kemiti karibi? Khali blue film dekhi ki mana bhare,bandaku haleyi haleyi daraz heyi jaye.Mora gote bada problem thila ki mo age ???????????????
                        And body hisab re mo banda auu pela bahut bada thila , pela guda bada hebaru pant pindhiba re tike muskil huye auu banda 8 inch lamba and mula part 6 inch mota ru neyi saru part 1inch motha thila. Bahare jadi kahaku dekhi banda uthi jaye bada laja lage. Pant  uparu jana padi jaye, doctor ku dekheyiba ru se kahila laja kariba re kana ye ta abnormal size, ethire Laja karani. Tight pant pindhani dhila dhla pindha auu mind ku controll kara ta hele loka lajya habani.Kintu mind kemiti controll karibi kuha bhai mane sadhi dokan jebethu kholili khali bhauja manaku dekhi dekhi pagala, ghare asi dhum halaye. Bhauja manaka gandi auu dudha bada bada dekhi. Kintu kuhanti Na prati purusa ra kamiyabi pachha re Nari ra hatha thaye sebhali mo jibana re semiti kichhi bhauja mane thile jaha jogu munn aji gote bada randuaa. 
                            Jaha pain mo dokan mast chalichhi, se mane hele mo dokan ra 1st grahaka jaha sahita munn sex kari thili. Se mane hele 3 ta bhauja jauu mane close friends; se bhitaru jane mo family friend taku munn bhauja dake baki dijana ta sanga, se bhauja ra nama hela Sobha, age-30 setebele thila ajiku 10 barsa tale and ta di sanga hele Minati  age 32 and Priti age 29,
                     Tini jana dekhibaku bahut gora auu sundar. Ta  bhirtaru Sobha bhauja besi gori pura lahuni bhali ta figure hela 34-28-36 and Minati bhauja tike kam gora figure size 36-30-36 and Priti bhauja bi gori figure size 38-30-40 . Eyi tini Jana dine mo dokan ku hathat asile. Nuaa opening karichhi suni tanku dekhu munn khusi re swagat kali auu cofee tanku piyaiba lagi Order kali. Semane bahut khusi hele, mo sahita bahut gapile. Bhauja mane mote handsome kahi mora tarif bi kale munn bi bhauja manaku bahut beautifull dusuchha kahi tarif kali auu mo dokanku 1st time asichha boli. Semane  jauu 3 ta sadhi pasand kale tanku free re gift kali, semane na na hauu thanti kintu mo raan pakeyi rakhibaku tanku badhya kali kahili 1st time.
                                                                           First time jetebele tame mane asichha mo taraf ru apana manaku gift pare jaha naba payisa daba. Semane bi “kete bhala tame” kahi khusi hoigale. Eyi sabu bhitare kana hele na Priti bhauaja ra chhikaana anta dekhi bada gandi dekhi mo banda uthi gala. Mu  laja re tanka samna re basi paru nathili auu jete bele sadhi dekhau thaye semane mo pant adaku hasi hasi dekhu thhanti nija bhita re katha heyika. Kintu mu na janila bhali katha hau thaye. Ta pare semane mo phone number neyi gale. Darkar hele katha hebe aau order debe. Mu kahili ghare bi kichhi item achhi jadi dekhibaku chaahanti asi paranti semane hann kahi chali gale. Ta pare mu auu rahi parilini, godam bhitara ku jayi pant kholiki bandaku priti bhauja bisaya re bhabi bhabi haleyi deli. Mana  santi heyi gala, baki sobha bhauja ku munn kebe be se najara re dekhini ki minati bhauja ku ete attract huyeni kintu priti bhauaj ra gandi mote attract kare. Mora bhauja manakara bada gandi bahut pasand, Dudha bada bi pasandi jadi dudha chhota huye kintu gandi bada thiba darkar mote.
Dine  morning re 3 jana bhauaja mo gharaku hathat asi pahanchile, kahile tame kahu thila na ghare bi kichhi item achhi dekhibaku asichhu. Karana tama ghara pakhare Jana ka gharaku buli asithilu ta; bhabilu tama ku dekha Kari jibu aga ta pere jaha ghara buli asichhu ta ghara jibu. Karana tame ta dokan paleyiba? Mu kahili “bhala bhauja mane ja hauu gariba ghare rani manaka ra pada padila. semane hasile “gariba kauthi tame ta raja bhali laguchha bas tama ku rani darker”.Mun sete bele khali dehare thili, just gadheyi heyi asithili,gamuchha pindhi thili. Mun  jete bele laja re kahili thik achhi bhauja mane asa basantu mu asuchhi. Aji  sabu kapada dhoyi deyichhi ta ghare pindhibaku kichhi nahi munn dress badaleyiki ase. Semane kahile laaja karuchha ki? Nija bhauja manku laja kale haba thik achhi, emiti ta bhala disuchha kahi hasile. Mu  laja re munda talaku kari asi gote towel dehare pakeyi asili auu semanku nuaa item sadhi dabu dekheyili. Sete bele   kana hela na mu gamuchha pindhi tale basi tanku dekhau thaye aau semane sofa re basi thanti ta mo gamuchha bhita ru mo banda and pela tanku clear disu thaye; jaha mu jani pari na thile semane hasi Hasi dekhu thanti. Mu  kahili ”pasanda kara mu garam chaha anuchhi” kahi gali. Auu chaa baneyi anili semane chha pii kahile “ki mast chha baneyila ma mana payi gala, aama husband mane pani glass ta bi uthau nahanti auu tame bhala chha baneyi jana auu ghara ete safa sundar sajeyichha aama husband tama bhali huante nain ? Munn kahili “bhauaj munn bhala roseyi bi Jane hata chati pakeyiba mo roseyi khayile”. semane kahile nischaya hayithiba karan tame bahut bahala pila ajira jamana re tama bhali pila miliba bahut muskil, tama girlfriend kemiti nahi ki?  Mun  kahili “seta mo durbhagya bhaujamane kana karibi? Semane  kahile tama payin kichhi bhala thiba jarur; mu kahili dekhiba etiki re semane sadhi pasand kale. Mo  bed room dekhibaku asile aau mo bed room dekhi ahuri khusi hele tame ekela auu ete bada bed pakeyichha mast gadi padichhi kahi tike basile kahile “Manu tamaku ekela laguni”. Mu kahili lagile kana haba. bhauja chalauchhi jadi apana mane kichhi mo payin bujhenete bhala hunta.  Semane kahile hmm nischaya na. Etikire  mora phone asila aau mu phone attend karibaku gali jauthire 20 minute munn gapili auu asila paye bhauja mane kahile hauu Maanu ame baharibu auu thare asibu. Mu kahili hann bhauja asuthibe mote bhala lagila apana manaku seba kari.
                        Semane kahile “achha ta hele tama ku aame bahut seba ra mauka dabu nischaya’ etiki re semane chali gale.Semane gala pare tahara 5 dina bhitare semane mote daily 3 ru 4 thara phone karanti auu dhum gapanti mo tarif karanti bahut. Mu  feel kali sobha bhauja ra katha barta tike change lagila se jemiti normal katha huye semiti na thila geleyi geleyi mo sahita katha haba ku lagila auu baki minati and priti bhauja mane bi sebhali gapile jemiti mora girl friend Sahita katha huye. Mu  bi bujhi paru na thaye. Ya pare 5 dina pare sobha,minati and priti bhauja mane mote sakalu phone kale tame ghare rahiba ta ame buli baharichhu tama ghara heyi kichhi dekhiba thila nuaa item auu ta pare marketing jibu. Mu kahili ‘hann bhauja mane asantu munn achhi. Semane thik 10 ta bele asi pahanchile. Mu  room ku pura sent mari rakhi thaye Bhauja manku bhala lagiba bhabi. Semane sent sungi kahil’ bhala basuchhi. Mu kahili Rani mane asile ta gulam swagata janauchhi. Semane kahile gulam kahin kahuchha tame ta ama raja.
Ta pare semane sadhi dekha dekhi kale. Mu tanka payin cofee ani deli. Semane tarif kale auu kahile aji ame tama sahita tike gapibu bahut bhala lage gapile tame bhala katha kuha. Mu kahili apana manaka hukum semane kahil chala tama bed room ku jiba mast gaddi pakeyichha, basi gapiba. Ya  kahi semane mo sahita bed room ku asile mu se dina bi towel khali pindhi tahye. Karana  sedina rabi bar thila auu prati rabi bar mun eka sanga re sabu kapada dhuye last thara bi bhauja mane rabi bar asithile auu semane bhala se janati je munn rabi bar hi sabu kapada dhuye auu emiti bi mughare kebe kapada pindheni ekela ruhe tenu langala heyi bule karana mote bhari odd lage mo bada pela auu banda lagi pant pindhibaku. Hathat bhauja mane kahile ‘Manu,ame aji tama saha bahut important katha habaku asichhu mu kahili kana kuha ? semane kahile ‘ame tama halat dekhila pare bahut tama bisaya re daily discuss karu je ete handsome pila aau ete bhala toka heyi tama kehi girlfriend kahinki nahi tame amaku kahithila na je tama payi kahaku setting karibaku ame aji se bisaya re kahibaku asichhu. Mu khusi re kahili hann kuha kiye? Semane  hasi kahile ame 3 jana tama ku kemiti lagu mu kahili ethire pachariba kana? Kismet  bala tamaku jauu mane payichhanti bas tama bhali kiye miligale maja asijiba life ra . Semane kahile ama bhali ta milibeni kintu ame hele chaliba. Mu bhabili maja karuchhanti. Karana Sobha bhauja bisayare mora kebe kaunasi sex bhabana na thila ki Minu bhauja prati bas Priti bhauja ta gulgalia ta ta gandi dudha dekhi banda uthi jaye. Kintu ete bi mu bhauja manaku sex drusti re dekheni ki dokan re asuthiba anya housewife manku munn dekhi sex katha bhabe kintu semiti sahas na thila.
                                                            Jete bele Minu bhauja muhan ru 3 jana katha sunili mu hasi deli kas tame mane jhiya huanta. Mu tama manaku neyi bhabanti kintu tame mane ta mo bhauja bhali Na. etiki re sobha bhauja kahila ki ame ta blood relation nuha Na aau tama bhali toka ku eyi duniya ra sabu bhauja ki sabu mayikina payiba ta khus kismat bhabibe; karana ame 3 jana jaha tama thu dekhilu aauu kaha pakhare emiti sayad na thiba. Munn kahili kana ki emiti? Semane kahile tama figure prati ame akarsita achhu auu last thara ame rabi bar asithilu se dina sadhi dekheyila bele tamara gamuchha bhitau tama sundar aauu bada pela bala banda dekhi ama patiru lala bohi jayithila taku neyi ame 3 jana bahut discuss karu aauu aji decide kalu je te bada banda ku jhiya mane ta dari jibe kintu ama bhali mayikina thik sambhalibe, tenu ame tama sahita tama girlfriend bani rahibaku pasand karu aauu eyi katha tamaku janeyibaku asithilu. Munn dari ‘Kahili ye kana bhauja mane kahuchha, pagala hela ki mu kebe semiti najar re tama manku dekhini auu mu se bisaya re bhabi parini, apana mane emity kuhantu nahi. Mu tanku kahili karana manare sex bhaba thile bi mote dara laguthile. jaha kuha bhai mane bhauja mane bada siania. Semane  ams bhali jawan toka mana katha thik janati. Semane direct kahile ‘tame daruchha na ame janu kintu darani aam bhali bhauja payi tame dhanya heyijiba. Ame 3 Jana tamaku complete purusa baneyi dabu. Bas ama ku hann kahidia. Emiti bi tamaku janila paarathu ama ku ama husband tharu tame besi bhala laga, Mun kahili Sobha bhauja ku tame emiti kemiti kahuchha ama family relation achhi ta. Sete bele Minati bhauja kahila chhada Na relation ku goli mara.Sobha ta daruthila kintu mu kahili nija relation ta nahi khali daka daki bhauja and diyara ethire ki kharap? Ame aji pura ichha re tamaku husband manuchhu aau tama purustwa ku payibaku chahunchhu, kana hann kahucha ta ready? Mu kahili na emiti habani mote dara laguchhi tama manaka katha suni etiki re Minati bhauja mo pakhaku asi mo towel ta tani dela. Mu ta laja re banda ku lucheyibaku chesta kali. Kintu semane kahile ame sabu dekhi sarichhu lucheyiki fayida nahi. Tame bandaku bhala maintain kari rakhichha ta sabu chuti save kari deyichha ete bada pela tamara nischaya banda bi bada thiba. Aji  tamaku ame chhadi bu nahin. Tame  aam upare chhadi diya ame tama ku emiti karibu tama dara chalijiba sabu dina payin. Ya kahi 3 jana bhauja mote hata tani bed re ani theli pakeyi dele. Mu ta banda ku hata deyi thaye semane mo hata ku seyi gamuchha re uparaku kari khata re bandhi dele. Karana  mu aauu tanku hateyi paribini, mu chhada chhada kahuthaye. Kintu  semane hasu thhanti auu kahile tame chup  raha  amaku ama kama  karibaku diya. 
                                Thare tame heyigale ama sahita tama dara paleyiba, ya kahi semane dhire dhire langala heyi gale nije nije. Mu tanku dekhi parilini lajare, ekathi 3 jana ki sundar? Sobha bhauja ete gori, akhi jalasi uthiula auu minati bhauja bi bhala gori and priti bhauja ta mast gori lal lal pura. Mu laja re akhi banda kari rakhil. Semane dhire dhire mo pakhaku asile aauu Minati and Priti bhauja mo banda di pate basile auu Sobha bhauja goda dita majhi re godaku fadi basile auu soyiki 3 patu bandaku pagala bhali kiss kale. Mu ta chhati piti heyigali. Ete  sal sal lagila mote ruma thiya heyi gala Mora.  Tapare 3 jana jiva lambeyi ki mo bandara top part ku sal sal kale. Mora deha kana heyi gala. 5 minute re banda mora pura thiya. Semane pura size dekhi maa lo ki bada kahi eka sangare hasile. Sobha bhauja kahile ‘pela ta bhari bada young age re kemiti tamare ebhali hela. Mu ta chup thaye ta pare priti bhauja kahile “tape achhi kauthi kuha mapi dekhiba. Mu  taku kauthi achhi kahili. Se jayi tape ani mapila, 8 inch lamba dekhi anna kari rahi gala auu mota mapila, mula ta 5 inch thila auu majhi ta 3 inchh auu top part ta 1 inch emiti mapila pare emane ascharjya heyi khali banda ku buleyi buleyi discussion kale. Ta pare josh re asigale auu pagala bhali chatile othh ku, Ragadi ragadi auu mo chhati nipple ku bi jiva re sal sal kale, ta pare mo othho ku othho ragadi french kiss kale 3 jana auu puni thare bandaku ete jor jor re misi chusile je mal bahari gala. Semane mo mota mal dekhi khusi heyi gale ki mota rasa tamara auu muhann re boli hele kahi kahi blue film bhali amaku banda ra rasa re kheliba ichha thila maja asi gala.
Ta pare semane kahile kemiti lagila munn kahili hann bhauja ruma thiya heyi gala bahut ajib lagila. Semane kahile ‘tike samaya pare maja lagiba ahuri dekha , ya kahi semane auu thare mo banda ku chusile aauu mo muhan re ani dudha chuseyile. Mu aram se chup chap dudha chusu thaye auu semane mo banda ku, puni thare jemiti banda thiya heyi gala sobha bhauja kahile munn aga chodibi. Mu dari kahili “na bhauja mote dara laguchhi katiba. Semane hasi kahile ‘dara ta amaku laguchhi, kete mota Tamara auu olta tame daruchha. chup ruha sabu thik se heyi jiba kahi sobha bhauja minu bhauja ku kahila ja ‘oil sisi ta ane. Tapare mo banda re tike boli dela oil auu dhire dhie sobha bhauja mo banda upare chadhila, se nije nije ahhhh.Ohhhhhhhhhhh heu thaye. Pasu pasu mote bi tike katila. Mu chup thaye. Sobha  bhauja dhire dhire upara tala hebaku lagila. Mo banda pura ta biya re pasi gala gote jhatka re auu se jor jor re mo upare up down habaku lagila nije ‘maa lo bauulo ki mota kahi ahhh uhhh hauthaye. Pach pacha kacha kacha vacha vach re mo room ta phati paduthila.
                                  Kichhi samaya se ghiyeyi hela pare Minu bhauja mo upare chadhila. se bi ahh uhh isss ui maaaaaaaaaa heyi khub gheyila. Emiti Priti bhauja bi kala.3 jana jana ka pare jane kari kari mo upare chadhu thanti auu jane chadhila bele anya di jana mo chhati nipple ku chatuthanti auu mote othre madi dahri otho chusu thanti. Kichhi samaya pare 2nd thara mo mal bahari gala aau mote tried lagila. Semankara bi 3 janakara mal bahari gala.Semame bahut khusi thile, mo side re 2 jana soyile mote dhari auu goda pakhare jane soyila bandaku dhari. Mu kahili “mo hata kholi diya”.Minu bhauja mo hata kholila. Aau mu 3 bhauja manaka dudha ku chipili and chusili. Priti bhauja ra dudha bada bada, mu se 3 janaku line re soyibaku kahili auu tanka upare chadhi soyiki bari bari 3 janaka dhudhaku chipi chipi chusili. Maja lagila mote ,semane pacharile dara chhadila ta? Mu kahili ‘hann chhadi gala. Kintu practice darker. Mu bahut bluefilm dekhe kintu karibaku dare ta,mane ta chadhiki kareyile mu nije kale tike experience haba. Bhauja mane kahile “sure amara saubhaghya je tame kale. Mu kahili mote blue film re doggi pose bhala lage ,dekhi semiti karibaku bahut ichha; bhauja mane kahile wahh maja asiba. Ama husband ta khali gote pose  re gihanti. Tame jemiti pose pariba kara.
Ta pare mu 3 janaku dogi pose re suyeyi deli aauu semane mo banda ku aau thare chusi utheyi dele. Mu tanka gandi re 3 janaku line re ragadi ragadi banda ku tight kali auu 1st sobha bhauja ku Gheyili. Se khali ahh uhh hau issssssss ah ohhhhhhh hau thaye. Ta pare Minati bhauja aauu Priti bhauja ku bi gheyili. Banda kadhu thaye janaka biya ruu aau anya janaka biya re galau thaye. Emiti praya 40 minuta jaye chalila auu last re mal baharibaku thile bi 3 jana kahile “ama muhann re pakaoo blue film bhali maja lagiba. Mu thik semiti kali auu bandaku kadhi neyi 3 jana bhaujanka muhann re dhali deli jemiti mo sabu mal bahari gala bhali lagila.Ta pare 3 jana bhauja ku dhari bed re gadi padili. Semane  mo side re gadu thanti aau ame kichhi katha barta helu. Se mane mote kahile tame raja bhali sukha payila na; tenu ame tama ku raja kauchhu. Jemiti aga kala re raja ra 3 ru adhika raani thile; se bhali ame tama raani. Mu bi mana re bahut khusi heli aau bhauja manaku kundheyi pakeyili. Se mane mote kahile tama mota bandaru ghiya khayi amaku bahut bhala lagila;sabu mayikina tama bhali purusa aauu mota banda chahanti,
                                        Jahara mota thiba. Tame nuaa re badhiya gheyila aauu practice kara sabu kamasutra pose re; ame ghiya gheyi haba aji thu. Daily ame tama pakha ku asibu. Mu kahili bhauja mananka hokum, jaha hele bi mo guru tame mane ;mo dwara bahara kari dela munn jemiti gheyibaku chahen. Semiti ta  bhala se kari parilini kintu try karibi ahuri bhala pose re tama manaku gheyibi, ta ki tame mane mote bhuli paribani.
Next thara jete bele bhauja mane mo room ku asile mu kahili aji thu mo jibana tama bhali bhauja manaka payin aauu jadi tame mote husband bhali bhabuchha ta hele ame suhag raat bhali enjoy kariba. Semane wah ,tame ta 1 day re change heyi gala. Mu kahili tama manaku khusi karibaku mun aji mast arrangement karichhi ame michha michha re baha haba bhali drama kariba auu suhagraat kariba;history hetyi jiba aji je eka tharake 3 ta mayikina sahita suhagraat maneyibi. semane  kahile hauu. Mu  agaru bed ku golap auu anya sabu phoola re sajeyi deyithili auu majhi re bed ku rose re lekhithili Manu fucks Sobha,Minati,Priti. Ya  dekhi semane ann kari rahi gale ta pare mu kahili hauu ebe ame langala heyi jiba. Ame 4 jana langala helu ta pare mu kahili 3 bhauja manaku je mu tale gote jaga re niya jalauchhi auu baha ghara mantra ku mo player re play kari deli and tanku kahili tame 3 jana line re mo agare thiya hoi mo banda ku tani dhari niya chari pate 7 round bula ;jemity baha ghare huye. Semane  khub hasi hasi mo bandaku dhari 7 round marile, niyan chari pate auu munn phoola dhari fingu thaye , ta pare mun 3 ta phoola mala 3 bhauja manaka beka re pakeyili auu semane bi 3 ta mala mo beka re pakeyile .all ame 3 jana paraspara ku french kiss kalu ta pare 3 janaku mu 1 by 1 utheyi neyi bed re suyeyi deli aau mahu ani 3 janaka upare dhali deli aau uparu tala pura 3 janaku chatili. Semane  je ete garam heyi gale mote bi mo upare aau banda re mahu dhali bahut chusile. Ta  pare mu 3 jana ku eka sanga re kamasutra ta sabu pose re 1 by 1 ghenyili aau tanku kakheyiki thiya re jemiti gheynili ;semane ete khusi heyigale je kahile ki stamina tamara; jemiti banda semiti tagda body, Satare  bahut maja asi gala ete posere tame jana !wah ki bhagya amara je emiti purusa payilu. Jebe ame bahare kau unsatisfied mayikina ku Paibu tamaku kahibu nischita.Tama bisaya re kahibu jadi tate sex ra real maja darkar amo diyara Manu pakhaku jaa. Mu kahili “thanx bhauja tama manaku munn khusi kari parili. Ta  pare 3 jana bhauja ku dogii pose re dhariki biya re banda galeyi deli auu gote hata re chuti tani dharili auu ara hata re gandiku piti piti dhum jor re bahut fast gheyili. Semane ki chilauu thanti jane auu janaku mote ataka boli kahu thanti. Kintu  muete josh re thili pagala bhali khali gheyi chali li

Tanka gandi thali bhali thal thal heyi halu thaye auu thap thap awaz hau thaye mote blue film dekhiba ra sabu experience heyi gala setikire.Ta parathu daily bhauja mane mo pakhaku asanti auu ame mast majare gada padi heyi gote bed re ghiya gheyi hauu. eyi 3 jana bhauja manaka help re munn ahuri bahut bhauja manaku gheyili auu jhiya manaku bi ghenyili.
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14 Apr 2011


Mu Manas Goswami, from Odisha, Age 25 .5 ft.6”. Color white, slim also. My penis size seven inch. I have read number of stories from ISS which are very interesting & hot due to private.As well as It contained personal feelings So maximum time, I spend in this site. Already I have written some stories in oriya & I got some interesting responses. Basically it is very amusement topic for me , oriya brothers & sisters are call/mail maximum time who stayed out of odisha. So I am very happy & again I am writing again. Ok. Now I am writing my story in oriya. Because a lot Oriya bhabi, aunties… (Almost house wife), adult story lover ignore regarding Hindi & English, Generally they like sex stories in regional language. Because it feel so hot.
Su swagatam apanka mananku. Kahani ti emiti je mo piladina ra. Bele bele piladine epari kan hoijae , ama mananka sahita bada loka mane bi sex karibasanti.Tenu sex pain guru darakar hue nain. Hele ebe ta ame CD film ru different style ra position milijauchi. Emitiki gihana time re blue film lagai chodana ra maja bharapur nauche.Taaaaaaaaaaa……….. mo kahani emiti.Mo piladina katha.Astama re padhuthae. Agaru mu kahichi ,mo life rural re katichi. But rural area re emiti sexy person achhanti, biswas bi kari paribeni. Gaon ra ghara. Besi kotha ghara nain. Chal ghar sahita asbests. Ta sahita gachha lata ra samahara. Bahut sundar laguthae.Astmare padhila bele sex bisaya re kichhi gyana nathila. Generally sakalu bed ru uthila bele penis ta bahut hard o lamba jana pade. But eka karidela pare sabu kichhi normal hoijae. As well as mu meditation bi karu thili .ta sex ra pravaba semiti kichhi nathila.Dinakara ghatana. Mu sunili, Mamu nkara marriage heba, Bou ku jiba pain padiba. Saptamngala ( Saptamangala: marriage date tharu Sata dina ) gala pare asiba. Eha suni mo halat kharap hoigala. Bou palaiba,kan karibi ? Baba bi ghare nathanti .Se Dura re service karuthanti. Tenu tankara asiba sambhaba nathila. Mora Half yearly exam hetu mamu ghara jibini boli bou ku kahideli.Sata dina ghare rahibi, fooding pain bou ku mu kahili. Bou kahila “ mu kuni vauja ku kahi dei jauchi se rosei kari deba. Jadi heba, se ratire asi soiba ama ghare ; tenu tu bhabiba ra kichhi nain. Bou eha kahi chaigala.
“Kuni Bhauja”; dekhibaku slim, Height 5’2”.Dekhibaku gora.
Tanka ghara o ama ghara gotie khanja. Kebal majhire gotie wall re divide hoichi.Ghare tanka ra Sasu eka.Vai Mumbai re service karichhanti Dui masa re thare ghara ku asanti. …
Sukra bara, Pakhal thila, khai dei school gali. Recess re bi kahaiba pain asilini.Chari ta bele ghare pahanchila pare dekhili ama ghara nit & clean hoijaichi.Rosi gharu ting tung awaj asuchi. Kuni vauja hoithibe Ta !
K.V.- Kan Nanu class over hela, fresh hoi asa.khaiba
Satere sedina vabi bahut badhia rosei karithile. Samaya Rati Atha ta.Vauj asi pahanchi gale. Kan deri helaki mora nanu, Kan karibi , ghare sabu kama sari asibaku padila.
Nanu: Vala kari cha vauja, Mu bi rati late re khae,kete samay ba ligiba kariba pain tamaku! Tameta express………
K.V: Tamara jou katha ………na…….
Vabi eya kahi mo gala ku chumuti dele. Sate jemiti mo dehare chamak kheli gala. Se kitchen ku jai bread tiari kari bare lgile. Rati dasha ta sudha dinner sarigala. Soiba pain gote bed. Koithi soiba????????? Vabi kahile ‘ Aunty ta kahiki jai chanti, tama ghare mote soiba pain, Nahele tama ku mo bed room ku nei jaithanti,ta pare ghare kehi nahanti. Chala gote bed re soi padiba.
Nanu: Nain vabi.
K.V: Vari tamaku laj maduchi ta, Chal vari nida lagi lani. Soi padile gala.
Bed ti abashya thiba ru adjust hoigala. Tathapi vabi nka deha ku mo deha lagi kari rahu thila.Emiti school friends mananka katha, ghara katha gapu gapu
Ketebele mote nida hoip jaichi mu jani parini. Mote bi rati re vala nida hue. Tenu mora bi kichi karibara nathila ki bhabi bar nathila.
Rati praya gotae hebaki kan , nida mora bhangi gala. Prathame kichhi samaya kacha jhun jhun sound aau ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh hela. Mote bahut dara lagibaru kuni vabi nku dake ta , ta pare sabu sound banda hoigala. Mu kichhi jani parilini. Vabi kahile “tamaku semiti suvu thiba, soi pada. Kichhi sound nain; darakula kouthi kar ? Ehapare Vabi bath room gale puni asi soi padile. “Nanu, tamaku dara maduchi para , asa mo kolare soi pada. Vabi ya kahi tanka chhatire mote jaki dele. Ichhha nathile bi vabi nka kolare soibaku padila. Vabi nka kola bahut mulayam o ushum laguthile bi bahut laj laguthila. Ta pare bi previous sound katha mane padibaru mote nida lagu nathgila, kebal soi padipbar avinaya kariba chhada aau kichhi nathila.vabi kint chup chap thile. Mu kana jani parithili vabi mora deha ra bhoka sahi napari emiti heu thile boli………
E gyana ta mo imagine bahare thila. Mu ta sex bisayare kichhi jani nathhili. Khali class re sune “ kemiti pua mane handling karanti” aau ye yantra ta handling kariba pain nuhen; eha eka female ra bia bhitare pasiba dwara eka manisha tiari hoithae “. Setebele mo banda uthuthile bi egudaka kharapa kama/ asambhab mo pain boli chup rahuthili. Tathapi morning re jetebele banda mora pura hard hoijae, dekhiba pain bahut vala lage……… chhada emiti vabu vabu eka ghanta hoigala.Emiti bhabu bhabu mo jantu ta kan pain hard houthila mu bi jani pari nathili.Vabi bi jor re nishwas maruthile.Tanka chhatire thiba dudha duita mo pithi re lagi rahi thibaaru bahut naram/ ushum laguthila. Kichhi samaya pare vabi nka hata ta mo baramudda pakhaku chali asila o mo banda sidha se hata ta rakhi dele. Mu vabili vabi nidare emiti karu chhanti . Kichhi samaya pare se alasa vangi bara avinaya kari mo pant saha tanka hata ta khasaibaru mo pant ta anthu pakha ku chali gala. Class re se katha sabu mane padu thila. Kale pant pindhile , vabi jani debe kan pain mu pant pindhuchi…….. sethi pain mu chup rahili. Vabili vabi mora soi padile mu pindhidebi. Nahele bou asile kan jadi kahidebe na sabu anartha hoi jiba. Puni kichhi samay pare vabi nka hata ta mo banda pakha ku chali asila. Hatat mu feel kali ,tankara se saru anguthire banda ku mora tala upar karibere lagichhanti. Mo feel karuthili mo banda aste aste shakta / mota hebare lagi chi.mo deha kan hoi jauthila .Tathapi class ra katha anusare new adventure pain prepare heuthili. Praya emiti five minutes handling pare aau eka jinish feel kali. Mote laguthila mo banda ku kie jepari chuchumuchhj. Kuni vabi nka chhada aau kie ba heba ??? Epari eka swargiya sukhare budi rahi thibaru mu chup rahu thlii. Vabi nka Niswas jete jor re badhi jauthila sete jor re mote vala laguthila. Ichha heuthila kan nain kan kar dianti???????? Kuni vabi Chuchumi Chuchumi mo banda ku lalua kari deithile. Mu semiti chup chap soi rahuthili.Kichhi samay pare kan gote ojania jinisha anuvaba kali. Mote lagila mo banda ta kou eka naram o garam hole vitare pashi jauchi. Mo banda ta aste aste hole vitara ku jete agau thila vabi nka patiru sete oh oh ahha ahha baharu thiala.Mote handling O Chuchumiba tharu vabi nka hole vitare pasiba sukha bahut ananda deuthila. Jaha ki kebal katha re kahi hebani ,anuvaba kariheba. Tapare mote laguthila mo banda ta kaha vitere purapuri haji jaichi. Setebele mu feel kali ye apurba jinisha ti aau kichhi nuhen ,Tara nama “ Biaa”. Eha pare vabi mo upare tala upar hebare lagile.Sampurna bed ti halu thile Madhya mu chup chap soi rahithili. Vabi tankar speed badhai chalile.Bhabi khali ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heuthanti. Vabi nka biaa ru pani asi mo banda ku sampurna lalaula karidela. Pacha pachha sound re ghara ta puri uthuthila.Paaaaaaaaxchjhhhhhhhh pachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Kichhi samay pare mu feel kali mo deha ru kan pich pich hoi bahari jauchi. Kuni vabi Madhya dhire dhire mo uparu alaga hoi gale. Se mo pakhare chup chap soi padile. Mo ra adventure eithi hue ta sesha hoigala kan ? Mote bahut nida laguthila. Mu soi padili.
Samay sakal Chhata, Nida mor vangigala. Mora adha langala cheher dekhi bahut laja laguthila. Mo peta pakhare bi kan gude dhala (white) dhala lagithila. Kuni vabi hatat pasi asile. Lajare mu bedsheet ta deha re pakai deli.vabi asi bed upare basi kambal ku tanile.
K.V: Ratire kan handling karuthila na kan, eka thara ke bahari gala aau babu nku nida hoigala.
Nanu: kain nain ta,
K.V.: Nain kan, Egudaka kan lagichi?
Nanu: mu janini,
K.V.: taha hele kie halau thila?
Nanu; kan?????kie kemiti halu thial ?
K.V. : Hau mu prove kari deuchi dekhiba ????????? Bale dhara padiba chora ?
Kuni vabi eya kahi kambal mo uparu kadhidele. Othare tankara dustami ra hasa. Setebele mu gata rati ra katha mane pakai utejita hoi uthuthili. Sata inchia Banda mora pura mota hard hoi lamba dekha jauthila. Vabi dekhi chamaki padile ki aau.Laja re tanka munha lal hoi uthuthila. Se sambhali napari gote chhota kiss mo banda ra topa upare lagai dele. Dehare mora chamak kheligala.
Nanu:Prove karun????????
K.V: Prove karideuchi? Vabi eya kahi mo banda ku tala upar kari halai bare lagile.Nanu ,kemiti yaku sambhalicha tame, ye kichhi khauchina nain.Mote tike dele       huanta naiin.
Nanu: kemiti debi, mu ta janini ?
K.V.: Janina, ye tame kebe kaha ku karina ?
Nanu: Mane? Hathat mo deha jhim jhim hoigala, Vauja deha kemiti kemiti laguchi.
K.V.: Tamara bahariba time heigalani. Vabi tanka hata ra speed badhai chalile.Tapare pich pich hoi bahari gala mo banda ru.
Oh! Nanu Kan kala etika mote deithile kete bada upakar hoithanta. Mo suna , Mo raja mote deba na. Tame jaha kahiba ta debi.
Nanu : Vabi , Hau thau ebe, sanibar aji, Morning class achhi , fresh hoi school jibaku          heba………………………………….
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13 Apr 2011

RUBY sahita School Sex: ABC Of Sex

Mu Manas Goswami, from Odisha, Age 25 .5 ft.6”. Color white, slim also. My penis size seven inch. I have read number of stories from ISS which are very interesting & hot due to private. As well as It contained personal feelings So maximum time, I spend in this site. Already I have written some stories in oriya & I got some interesting responses.  Therefore I could not write a story since a few days due to my official work. As well as I have returned again due to reader’s affection & interest for my stories. As well as I am requesting to readers ,do not copy   my stories to publish in any sex blogs. Basically it is very amusement topic for me, oriya brothers & sisters are call/mail maximum time who stayed out of odisha. So I am very happy & again I am writing again. Ok. Now I am writing my story in oriya. Because a lot Oriya bhabi, aunties… (Almost house wife), adult story lover ignore regarding Hindi & English, Generally they like sex stories in regional language. Because it feel so hot. So read……………
SWAGATAM  Samasta nku.Nija bhasha re kahani te pahdile satare kemiti lage kahile, sabuthu bhari bhala lage jete bele aame nija bhasha aau nija fonts re kahani te padhile….  Tebe aasantu jeti ki sambhab hoichi setiki kariba. Sex story kahaku bhala ba na lage ? Sex feeling ta aamara niti dinia ghatana.Emiti ghatana te mo school life re ghati jai thila , aaji taha tuma mananka aagare lekhuchi. Hueta kichhi sata thai pare natuba michha thai pare. Karana mote 25 barsha helani. Tebe asantuna……..
                                                Matriculation batch mora 1994  year. Mu bahuta dusta thili gaan re. Matriculation exam, Baba bahare service karanti. So sethi pain mu ghare bahuta dusta heuthili. Study hour re bi padhi pareni. Gaan chhua nka sathire kebal masti chhada aau kichhi nathae. Sethi pain baba mote school re rahiba pain arrange kale. Sethi khali padhibi, ghara ku asibini.Ghara thu school 2 km dura……….xxxxxxxxxxxx…………… Math o Science pain mohanty sir nka  pakhare tutuion bi heuthili.So se school re rahu thibaru tanka sahita mu rahili.Sir nka gote jhia “RUBY” bi tanka saha rahuthae matric exam deba pain. Se aama school ra student na hele bi test exam pare aasithae Sir nka guide re perparartion heba pain.Emity kichhidina bitigala.Ruby bahuta bhala padhe. Tebe sir bahuta lazy thibaru, Math/ science pain se, bele bele mote na padhai  Ruby ku  mote  guide kariba pain kuhanti. Jaha phalare aame  close hoijaithilu.
                 Dinakara katha, sir nka office kama thiba ru DIS (District Inspector Of School ) office ku jiba pain padila. Sir Dasha ta sudha bahari gale, aamaku kahi gale mu sandhya bus re pheribi. Di jana kuade jibani, Sakalu rosei sarijaithae, Kharadina jogu morning class bi heuthae. So dina egara ta pare school campus ta pura phanka hoi gala.Ruby “sir” nka room re padhuthae. Mora rahiba pain School re eka unused room thila. Sethi mu rauhe . Khai deithibaru  tike soi padili. Kichhi samaya pare mo nida bhangi gala. Petei hoi shoi padithibaru mo 5 inchia banda  ta pura hard hoi jaithila. Setebele mote 15 barsha. Sex bishaya re kichhi experience nathile bi banda tengeile bhari maja lage. Sabuthu bhala lage banda aagare thiba lal topa pari sar ta.Tenu mo half pant taku khasai deli. Mo banda taku aaunsi bare lagili. Pandara barasha heithile bi  mo banda chari pate kala muchu muchu bala gudika hoijaithila. Size re   5 inch heba ki kan ?Mo banda ku dhari upare thiba nail topa tiku dekhuthili. Bahuta sexy aau hot dekha jaauthila.Hatat kabata phankare julu julu hoi dekha jaauthiba aakhi duiti dekhi chamaki padili. Ruby nuhen ta ? Satare se ruby thila.  Dari dari pant ku pindhi  pakaili. Pant pindhiba pare bi mo banda ta asambhaba bhabare thiaa hoithibaru  pant ta chhota tambu pari dekha jaauthila.
Ruby:Manu, kabata khol, patha padhiba ku soichu kan be. Raha, Bapa asantu kahidebi. “Kahidebu kan” ?  Mu satare dari gali. Ehapare Ruby mo room ku pasi asithila. Duiti bench ku Jodi bed kari mu soithili. Mo banda ta tengeithiba ru mu pant upare towel te pakai basipadili.
“Kan ta luchauchu kire ?
“Kain na ta” mu kahili. Michha kahuchu, dekhe” eha kahi ruby mo pant upare thiba towel ta kadhidela. Banda ta tengei thiba ru pant ta  teki hoi jaithla. Mo deha kan hei jauthila. ‘Hei pant bhitare kan kire, Tora kan ta se uthuchi.kan se uthu pad hauchi “ Ruby emity kahibaru mo deha hit hoi jau thila. Mu kahili “dekhunu”. ‘Hey Chhatara, Mate laja madiba, Hau  tu kabat dei de. Mu dekhibi. Ruby emity kahibaru ,mu kabat dei  deli. School ra gote room re aame dui jana, Gote jhia aau gote pua. Ruby mo aagare  lath kari basi padila. Mu kahili “dekhunu’. Se lajei  jai mora pant ra zip tanila. Chitiki hoi bahari padila 5 inchiaa banda ta. Ruby “ilo bopalo” kahi chamaki padila. Dhire dhire Ruby muhna lal hoi jaau thila aau mo banda ta hit hoi tala upara hoi  up down karuthila. Ruby bi kam sundari nathila. Shohal barsha ku chunthiba  yaubana 32 size dudha dii ta gajuri uthulia ta frock uprae. Na dekha jiba ba kipari  ? Moti aau kam height thiba jhia mane ta epari dekha jaanti.Gora gora gala re vaunri kheluthila. Mote  tara size 30 32 30 pari laguthila.Se hatat mo banda ta dhari pakai kahiala” tora chhota belu emity hauchi kainki  ?
 Mu: janeni
Ruby : tora emity hauchi, mora kain ta hauni.
Mu: Kain dekhailu,mu ta janini
Ruby : Kain dekhunu ‘ kahi tara panty ku khasai dela. Gora gora jangha dita majhi re brown colour bala thiba biaa ta pura eka dipa pari dekha jau thila. Satere kete sundar ? Mane padigala gan ra dusta balunga katha………. Mane mane  vabili Yar tale nain, Upare bodhe thia hoi achhi. Mu taku kahili’ he tora tale nain upare thia achhi, tu to frock ta kholi de”. Se kichhi aapati kalani. Frock ta kholi dela. Tapare pindhi thiba semiz bi kholi dela.Pura langala hoigala Ruby. 32 size ra dudha dita ,dhala sankha pari chak chak karu thila.
Mu: Tora kan gol gol dita thia hoichi  upare aau mora e lamba ta emity tale .
Ruby:Sata kathata ta,Dekhi se  to lamba ta,
Ruby eya kahi mo banda ku dhari kheli bare lagila. Mo dehare sate jepari current kheli jaau thila. Mu ta dudha dita ku dhari khelibare lagili. Aaste se hit hoi san san hebare lagila.Chhota pila nka katha mane padila, dudha khaiba katha, kichhi samay pare mu ta dudha ti chuchumibare lagili.Se mote jor re jabuidi dhari kahila “  Manu, mo deha kan hoi jauchi. Mu mari jibi,Mo tanti sukhi jaauchi. Plz mo pati ku kan de.
 Mu: Are  ye room re pani ta nain kan debi ?
Ruby: Manu, Tu jemity mo dudha dita chuchumi chu, Tora se lamba gula ta de mu chuchu mi bi.
Mu: Hau, Tu seya kara.Mu eha pare basi padili bench upare, Ruby mo banda ku ice cream  pari tala upara kari chuchumibare lagila. Tara otha ra lala re mo banda ta pura lalula hoi jaithila.Mu tara dudha dita  chhota ball pari kheluthili. Se mora anta jabudi dharithila. Uppppppppp ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Kichhi samay pare Hathat Mote lagila’ sateki mora kan gote heijiba. Mo banda ru pich kari pari kan gote  Lalua lalua bahari gala Ruby ra pati bhitare. Se tanti sukhi jaithibaru pii gala. Mo deha kan hoi jauthila.
Ruby: Manu, mo deha kemity kemiy laguchi ?
Mu: kan huuchi ?
Ruby:Mo deha ra se biaa bhitare kan sal sal laguchi je ,sambahali heuni.
Mu: Oh,Sethire kan puni, kahi  hata marili. Shohal barshiya biaa ta jepari pura hit hoi jaithila. Tara bia ra kana re hat mariba ru kan laula jana padila.Anguthi gote purai debaru gali gala. Ruby chihinki uthila.
Ruby: Dhire Manu,katuchi.Ei gan re kukura nka katha mane paduchi, Tu semity kari to banda ta mo biaa bhitare purai de. Mate laguchi mo kasta band hoi jiba.
Mu: Sata katha kahlilu Ruby………..
Eha pare mu Ruby ku aanthei deli. Dekha jaauthia mo aagare tara brown colour thiba biaa ta, Mu deri na kari mora banda ta tara biaa bhitare puraiba pain try kali. Hele tara seal kholi nathiba ru pasi paru nathila. Ruby ra biaa lalei jaithile bi taku bahut kasta hau thila. Hele biaa ta laalu hoi jaithiba ru ghiana khaiba ra nisha badhi jaithila.
Ruby: Plz Manu bahuta katuchi.ahhhhh ohhhhhhhh uphhhhhhh
 Tebe kichhi na kari pari aame duhen dui jan nku jabudi dharilu. Ruby Dudha dita mo chhati re ghasi hoi jauthila . Ta dudha di ta bahuta mulayam aau naram laguthila. Emity Gada  gadi hela pare bahut maja laguthila. Hele deha hit hoi thibaru nian lagi jaithila. Bahut tried laguthila. Mu bench re basi padili. Satare setebele sex bishayare kichhi aamara knowledge nathila.  Ruby mo kola re aasi basi padila, Mo banda tat a bia re thesa maruthila. Hathat mo banda ta mo biaa re kipari pasiba , mo brain re gote idea jutila. Bench upare basi taku mo kola re basai deli. Se goda phadi mo kola re basi padila. Jabudi dharila uttejanare mote. Mu late na kari sitting position re mo banda ku tara bia re puraiba pain try kali. Firstly 3 inch pasigala. Ruby bikala re radi chhadila “ ilo bou lo “. Gote minute wait kala pare, banda ta mora ete hit hoi gala je , Ruby biaa ku gote dhakka deli je banda ta mora pura pasi gala. Hue ta mora bhagya , prathame se toki ra seal kholi thili. Ebe ta duniaa re seal bala “tala” mili ba bahuta kasta ????????? Ruby jor re radi pakaiba ru ta patire gamuchha dei deli. Se chup hoi gala. Taku kasta authibaru taku semity kola re dhari mo chhatire vidi dharili. Se bi mote dhari thae. Mu taku chuama dei taku aaunsibare lagili. Kichhi samaya pare Ruby kahila “ deha mora kan hoi jauchi, ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh eiiii heia hhhhh kahi utha pad hebare lagila. Utha pada heba ru mo banda ta biaa re kichhi pashu thila  aau baharu thila. Emity hebaru mote bahut bhala laguthila , ta ku bi. Mane mane bhabi emity sitting position re tike speed badhaili. Taku bhala laguthila ki kan se mote jabudi dhari sahayoga  karibare lagila. Oh Manu, bahuta maja laguchi. Tike jor re kara.ahhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ui maa yeessssss. Ruby ra biaa pura laluaa hoi jai thila. Tenu mo banda ku jiba asiba  kariba ku sahaja hoi jauthila. Kichhi samaya pare Ruby pura tried hoi gala. Hele body ru hit kami na thila Mo banda ta pura lalua hoi jaithila Ruby bia bhita re pashi. Mo mana chahun thila Ruby ku aau kemity chodanti, Ruby bi seya mane mane chauhun thila.  Mane mane gote idea kari Ruby ku bench upare shuai deli.
Mu: Ruby , goda ttike mela kari de,( Ruby goda mela kari dela, Mu nain padi ta biaa re band kau purai bare lagili.
Ruby: ohhh , aste puraa, katuchi
Mu: vitara ku gala ta?
Ruby: han, Pura vitara ku dei de.Pashi jaau.
Mu: vitara lauala thibaru mu jor re tala upara kari bare lagili.Mo banda pasu thila aau baharu thila.
Ruby: ahhhh ohhhhhhhhh yes jor re kar manu, bahut maja laguchi. Ohhhhhhhh jor re kar.
Mu : Emity Ruby ra lalua bia re banda pashiba ru  tara bala guda ka pura  bhiji jaithila .
Ruby: satare bahuta maja laguchi. Aame emity sabudine kariba.ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh De manu , Jor re pura. Mu pura hit hoi jaichi.ahhhhhhh aohhhhhhhhhh ui maaaaaaaaaaaa yahana yahan yahan
                Room ta kach kach pachhhhhh kachha pacha pach ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh kach kach pachhhhhh kachha pacha pach ra awaz re puri uthuthila.Ruby ra dudha ku mu bele bele chipi deu thae. Se Kahu thae “ ye jor re kara, egudak karani “. Mu taku kahili” gadi chaliala bele break tike mariba darker na ? Se e katha suni mote jor re jabudi dhare. Emity Mu Ruby ku 15 minute jaae chodili.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh uimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yessssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhh . Kichhi samay pare mora discharge hoi gala. Tara bi hoi gala. Emity Langala hoi kichhi samaya soi rahilu. School ghanta bara ta bajibara suchana dela. Eha pare aame dui jana fresh hoi, puni chodana khela re mati galu. Satare jivanare prathama chodana ku bhuli hue ??????????? Se dina mu Ruby ku Chari thara gehinchi ; mohanty sir asiba jaae. Tebe    Ruby ra story ethi sarini. Mohanty sir nka Mrs.Lina Kichhi dina pare school ku asile. Tanka saha  kipari hela  padhantu “ GURUMA NKA GURU DASKHYINA “.
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