I am Manu, 23 years from Orissa. Now my sis is 20. She is fair, 5.3", round face, a real Oriya beauty with a well shaped body. All this started years back I was only 18. We visited our uncle's house. He is newly married. My aunt is very beautiful. That time we don't know any thing about sex. We sleep in the same room with my uncle and aunty. One day during noon myself, my sis and aunty sleeping uncle entered the room and sit near aunty. I was not sleeping so I saw every thing that my uncles do with my aunty. Uncle started kissing. Then aunty wake up give a return kiss. Then she removed her sari above her blouse. 
               Uncle started pressing her boobs. Then he opened her blouse and bra. That excites me. He completely naked the boobs. Now I think the size must be 36c or d. Uncle now started pressing her naked boobs and suck them. She was making ahhhhhhh wooooooooo kacha kach pacha pach noise. Then uncle took her sari up above her knee and put his hand inside then aunty make more such sound. Then uncle removed her sari & petticoat making her completely naked. They both are not at all caring that we bro-sis are present in that room even they are not looking at us. During that time with my auntie’s noise my sis also wake up and she is also watching the play. Then uncle started fucking aunty. That time my aunty turned towards us and saw we both are watching them but she was at the peak of excitement. So she kept on looking at us and gets fucked. At the end of the show aunty told uncle we both are watching them, he told now matter they are kids they know nothing about this and left the room. 
                                       At the afternoon my sis and me are sitting near a pond. She asked me what uncle and aunty doing at noon. I told I don't know what they are doing. Then she replied but I like what they are doing. I also agree with her. Few minutes later aunty come there and join us. She gives some chocolate to us and told to make a promise to keep one thing secret. The she said not to tell any body about the incident. We both agreed with her. Then my sis asked what they are doing at that time. She relied ask your bother. I replied I don't know what u both is doing. She told then u both are really kids and u will come to know every thing when u grows up. But my sister says we want to know it now because we both like that. Aunty gives a smile and asked u both wants to do like that. We replied yes. She told us to watch them for 2 more days then she will teach us. We both are very excited. That night aunty told every thing to uncle and uncle say they will teach us every thing not to tell any body about this. Now they are very see with us and did every thing like noon. But this time uncle eats auntie’s pussy and ass. Aunty also does oral sex to him. Then uncle put his cream on her boobs. They are enjoying every moment of sex and asked us we like it or not? I ageing asked please explain this. Aunty told wait for one more day.

     Next day uncle come at the same time. We both are very happy. Same way uncle made aunty complete nude. Then he calls both of us to come near aunty. He took our hands and put it on her boobs. Aunty gets up and told him "what u r does”. Uncle smiled and replied "let them come to this world and enjoy the real sex. You also started at this age with your brother". Aunty said yes. Then we are again told to put our hands on her boobs. They are so soft I can’t explain. Then we sucked her boobs. Then open our cloth and make both of us naked. Aunty caught my rod and said how small it is I will make it big and took my rod in her mouth. Really it becomes bigger and I enjoy it. Uncle started licking my sis little pink pussy and she liked it very much. Then uncle ask me to like her pussy. I refused. Then uncle put my little finger in her hole. She cried with pain so I removed my finger. But uncle told do like this she will like it later. We both thought sex for one hour or more. Then uncle fuck aunty and left the place. I told aunty I want to suck her boobs. She smiled and put her left boobs in my mouth and asked my sis to suck her right. She again put my finger inside my sis pussy hole after spreading her legs. This time my sis feels little pain. Then he told me to take my finger in and out. I do like that and now my sis was enjoying this. Aunty told us when she was only 9 his 12 year brother teach all this to her and both enjoy sex till now. Also uncle knows about their relation and he also fucks his wife. Again she warned us not to tell any body else it will be dangerous for us.
                                                                    The next day was the real turning day in our life. We both made our first intercourse. My aunty leak my rod and uncle my sisters. Then aunty took my rod and tries to put it in my sis hole. They both tied a long time to do this. At last my rod inserted inside my sis small pink hole she was crying with pain but my aunty was forcing my body to keep my rod inside her hole. My sis cried a lot then took my rod in and out in her hole. Later she enjoyed it. I was also feeling a lot of pain so I can’t enjoy. Then I took my rod out. Uncle asked me I like it or not, I told I was feeling in pain. So aunty took my rod in her mouth again and uncle put some oil on my sis pussy. This time my rod inserted easily and after some time I started enjoying. After some time I feel I was in seventh haven. From that day I was my sister’s lover, best friend, husband and every thing. We both can never forget those moments. We remember this 1000 times or more in our life and then have sex.